True Fund Accounting™ In The Cloud


The cloud is essentially the Internet – or, a network of servers. It provides a secure, highly-available, managed, economical, and less cumbersome environment for organizations.

Nonprofits will move to the cloud in increasing numbers as they acknowledge that they aren’t (or shouldn’t be) in the IT infrastructure business. There will be less need to maintain applications and data in-house when it’s far more cost effective, accessible, and a higher quality of service via the cloud.

The move to the cloud becomes even more critical when we consider the pervasive nature of mobile devices. The cloud and mobile devices were made for each other to share vast amounts of data and information from any place, anytime, in a simple way.

Cloud computing is also creating powerful change by leveling the playing field in terms of the technology services nonprofits have access to today. In the past, cost prohibited many nonprofits from being able to invest in the hardware and software they needed to get their work done.

But, today, many IT services can be “run in the cloud” for pennies on the dollar (think email, storage, power to process large chunks of data, etc.). Basically, this means that nonprofits can pay a smaller fee for a service that maintains their data in a secure environment that’s accessible via the Web, from wherever they want. This frees up nonprofits from having to spend a ton of upfront money on hardware and tech expertise.